Kirkland Project Updates:

Citizen Participation Meeting ModeratorWestern Land and Ranches Local Development Liaison – Charlie Arnold – swdcaz@gmail.com

Kirkland Project Pre-Application Meeting – Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kirkland Project Development Due Diligence – on going – Project Management and information in the areas of Civil Engineering, Hydrology, Municipalities, Safety.

Kirkland Project Citizen Participation Meeting – October 3, 2023

Kirkland Project Sketch Plan – Submitted amended Sketch Plan based on community feedback, and updated project scope to Yavapai County – November 6, 2023.

Kirkland Project Sketch Plan – Attended technical review with Yavapai County – November 30, 2023.

Kirkland Project Development Due Diligence continues through the first quarter of 2024 in preparation to submit Preliminary Plat to Yavapai County.


Thank you for visiting our project website.

As we discussed, during the community meeting, we will be posting project information and updates, here on the Kirkland Project website, as the project progresses. 

We recently completed one of the many developmental steps with Yavapai County, which was the submittal of our Sketch Plan (preliminary drawing) to County staff for review. 

We have since met with Yavapai County Department Staff to receive technical feedback and receive input from each department regarding the initial Sketch Plan.

Following this meeting with Yavapai County, we have initiated the following:

  1. Hired a firm to complete a traffic impact analysis (TIA).
  2. Hired a local well driller to verify information related to the existing wells on the property, and to further expand the water report.
  3. Engaged our local project engineer to further discuss on and off-site improvements and the drafting of the preliminary plat.
  4. Begun the required studies from the County Environmental Services Unit

 We are continuing our discussions on public safety specifically around the expansion of fire protection services not only for this property but also for the surrounding community, and ongoing discussions with the County related to Sheriff and Emergency Management. 

Projects like this move slowly, there can be large gaps of time where a lot of technical work is being done but nothing of significance is left to report.  Until such time as the Preliminary Plat is submitted to Yavapai County its first round of reviews and comments are returned to us there will not be any significant updates.

We appreciate those who have met with us over the last few months and will continue to have dialogue as the project progresses.

You can expect the next update will include updated maps and additional information once comments are received back from Yavapai County listed above.

Thank you for your time and interest.  Please continue to follow our website for project updates.